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Travel Insurance
with Cheerleading Cover

CheerTravel have sourced two policies which cover competitive cheerleading and dance. Please take out your insurance policy on an individual or family basis. Whilst the policies do offer group quotes, we do

not recommend one individual taking responsibility for a group's insurance, especially when it comes to declaring any medical conditions or previous medical investigations.


Covers Local Club Representation
Suitable for athletes competing at Worlds, Summit, Allstar Worlds, FC Barcelona, FC Paris, Varsity Europe events etc.

Competitive cheerleading (including stunting and tumbling) is covered in the standard policy.

JS Insurance

Covers National Team Athletes
Suitable for athletes competing at ICU Worlds or ECU, representing their country (i.e. Team England)

UK Residents Only

Both the 'Cheerleading' and 'Gymnastics' activities must be added for Cheerleading with stunting and tumbling to be covered. These can both be added under the 'Activities' tab.

Both policies cover cheerleading on a non-professional basis. If you are either paid for participating in, receive any element of sponsorship, fees or prize money in excess of £500, you will need to investigate further policies.​

Please note that CheerTravel cannot give recommendations or advice on travel insurance, we can only make you aware of both policy’s existence. If you require further support, please contact either insurance company directly, quoting ‘CheerTravel’.

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